Project Funding

Funding Submission Form

We have over 60 international funds that we connect with for varying projects. i.e. for real estate, alternative energy, casino’s, oil and mines. Depending on the project type we will find the best matching Fund Partner. Our Project Funding ranges from a minimum of $5m to an unlimited amount for the right projects.

The first step is the ‘Funding Submission Form’ which can be downloaded from the link at the top of this page. The Funding Submission form is a Microsoft Word document. We would ask you to complete the word document and has all of the information typed to ensure clarity. Email the completed document along with your supporting documentation to and provided all of the information is included in your email we will Endeavour to respond to you within 1 week and advise you whether your project meets with one or more of our fund’s requirements. Only after we are confident that we can fund your project, there is a requirement to pay a ‘Submission-Administration-Due Diligence Fee’, after which a Due Diligence specialist will come to visit the site and inspect the market, your documents and meet the principal. But let’s first see if we can get your project approved for the funds. The project finance is a straight forward deal under ‘no nonsense’ conditions, just like a regular bank loan, but with very fair interest rates. There are no strange ‘Bridge’ or ‘Hedge’ arrangements just funding finance with bank interest rates (the rate is depending on the project and conditions).

If we can’t fund the project and the project has great healthy potential and all legal required documents are in order, then we are confident that no one can or will fund it. When the Submission has been approved you will be in direct contact with our fund contact.

One of our conditions to help you fund your project is that you will offer us exclusive sales and marketing rights for various countries, by negotiation (For Real Estate and Resort Developments), plus the right to distribute it to our international network.

We arrange finance worldwide, our typical projects are:


We have projects worldwide in the following territories:
USA - Russia - South America - Asia - Caribbean - Australia - Europe

We provide full support for the application and funding process. Site visits and due diligence are carried out by our own staff to ensure that the full fund requirements are satisfied.

Why don’t you download the Funding Submission form from the Link on top and give us a try, you never know we just might be able to get you the funding that you have been struggling with or you thought was not possible.